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The Department of Medicine organizes along with St. Paul's Foundation campaign to raise funds to be donated to initiatives that will impact  every patient, resident, family member and department across St. Paul’s and all other Providence Health Care hospitals. Your and our staff donation is helping all British Columbians.

There are several Ways to Give, ask us how!

Donors play a crucial role in enabling all Providence Health Care sites to deliver world-leading care, research and medical teaching that benefits people throughout British Columbia and around the world.
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The Department of Medicine developed an Innovation Platform where department of medicine physician's innovative ideas are transported from a concept to a reality for patients. Many of the revolutionary ideas brought forward by our members are implemented in the operational practices of our staff improving the care provided to our patients, however some ideas count on donations to move forward. Donations can be designated to buy equipment, fund researches (professorships), to start up a clinic, there is just so many ways you can contribute.

We have currently more than 30 initiatives you can donate to.Here are some of the projects you can currently donate to (click on the link to know more about it):

If you are interested in contributing to a Department of Medicine initiative please contact us at

It's Happening Campaign

The Department of Medicine physicians have recently donated $1,500,000 to help build the New St. Paul's Hospital.

We are very proud of our staff for contributing to build and create a state-of-the-art hospital engineered from the ground up for healing, teaching, and innovating.