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Lung Nodule Assessment Clinic


This project involves the creation of a rapid assessment clinical pathway for patients with concerning lung nodules or radiologic signs of thoracic malignancy. In partnership with the Department of Radiology, CT scans showing these features will be identified and targeted for rapid assessment with a specialist in the early diagnosis of lung cancer.

The Lung Nodule Assessment Clinic (LNAC) at PHC will realign the delivery of care to patients with pulmonary findings suspicious for thoracic malignancy. The clinic will create structured, standardized, and equitable care for this patient population. Structure will be driven by means of documented clinical pathways with timed follow-up for the different types of incidental nodules discovered. Use of triage and urgency calculators will lead to standardized processes that are applied to every referral. Inequity in care created by haphazard referrals will be tackled by automating referrals from the source. The clinic will work collaboratively with PHC radiologists to develop a mechanism that will highlight incidental lung nodule findings and initiate an opportunity for referral to the clinic. 

The Team

  • Dr. Chris Ryerson
  • Dr. Scott Apperley
  • Division of Respiratory, Department of Medicine: