Welcome to the research website of the Department of Medicine at Providence Health Care.

The Department of Medicine is committed to giving best care for our patients through research and novel discoveries and translating these scientific “breakthroughs” quickly and efficiently into clinics where they can impact patient care. To achieve this vision, our department members are working closely with local, national and international collaborators.

The Department is active and productive in many areas of medical research. Our members’ research expertise includes laboratory, clinical, and epidemiological research in the fields of HIV/AIDS, heart disease, renal disease, gastro-intestinal diseases, geriatrics, and much more. Our members are nationally and internationally recognized for their achievements in research activities and regularly present their findings at local, national and international meetings and publish in peer-reviewed and international publications.

Above all, we feel privileged to be serving our patients and their families at Providence Health Care, who inspire us daily with their courage, their generosity, and their partnership in making research feasible and relevant. They are the real heroes in our research.