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Division of Neurology

Division of Neurology

The Division of Neurology at PHC is committed to diagnosing and treating neurological disease through specialized patient care and research.  The Division of Neurology is actively involved in the UBC Medical School and Neurology Residency, and takes pride in training the neurologists of the future.

Our Division has 12 clinicians who are experts in diseases affecting the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles.   Many of our members have subspecialty expertise in areas such as epilepsy, stroke, muscular dystrophy, movement disorders, dementias, multiple sclerosis, headache, neuromuscular diseases, peripheral neuropathy, paralysis, nerve pain, neuro-opthalmology, sleep disorders, and many other conditions.  We work closely with our colleagues in Neuroradiology to make the correct diagnosis.  Our division members provide comprehensive primary and tertiary neurologic care, with active outreach to a number of communities in Northern BC and the Yukon.

The field of Neurology is experiencing tremendous advances in the understanding of both normal function of the brain and well as disorder of the brain and the peripheral nervous system. The last decade has seen breakthroughs in the discovery of genes responsible for neurologic problems, which has led to our ability to test for, and treat genetic neurologic conditions.  We are able to acquire amazing images the brain using advanced techniques, including MRI and angiography.   Clinical trials are leading to advances in treatment and even cures for neurologic conditions that were previously untreatable.   Importantly, better understanding of disease processes has created emphasis on prevention and brain health.

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Division of Neurology
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