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Division of Geriatric Medicine

Division of Geriatric Medicine

Geriatric Medicine is the branch of medicine that focuses on health promotion for seniors and the prevention and treatment of disease and disability in later life.   A Geriatrician is an expert in how medical conditions impact one another, in how each medication interacts with others and how both medical conditions and medications uniquely affect you as you age.

The PHC Division of Geriatric Medicine has a wide range of services spanning all of the acute sites within Providence Health Care.  We continue to innovate and build our services, striving to provide the very best in wrap around multi-disciplinary care for seniors.  Our services support patients and families as they transition from the emergency department, to acute medical wards, to specialized rehabilitation units and finally back to the community with outpatient follow up and community outreach services.  We continue to recruit division members that have expertise in trainee education, research and clinical subspecialties including dementia care, falls, perioperative medicine, continence care and clinical ethics.

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Division of Geriatric Medicine
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Dr. Martha Spencer, Clinical Assistant Professor