Department of Medicine

Division of General Internal Medicine

Division of General Internal Medicine

The Division of General Internal Medicine is comprised of 30 faculty members, many of whom also participate in activities at Vancouver Acute, BC Women's and Children's hospital, and Lion's Gate hospital.  Basic to all the division is the provision of General Internal Medicine consultation and ongoing care, taking place in an inpatient setting, an outpatient setting or in both. Clinically we form the bulk of the CTU (Clinical Teaching Unit) inpatient service and medical consultation service. We emphasize office-based medicine, rural outreach medicine and community medicine. We also focus on specialty medicine in the form of HIV care, ER, rheumatology, chronic pain management, addiction medicine, hypertension, maternal-fetal medicine, clinical pharmacology, and eating disorders.

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Division of General Internal Medicine
5913 - 1081 Burrard Street
Vancouver, B.C., V6Z 1Y6

Telephone: 604-806-8397 ext. 68397
Division Admin: Stephy Borgen

Dr. Anna Rahmani, Clinical Associate Professor