Phillip Lee

Phillip Lee, MD, FRCPC

Assistant Professor, Geriatric Medicine
St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation Physician Scholar

As part of the Vancouver Initiative To Add Life To Years (VITALiTY) group, I am currently working on a project that explores the role that cognitive impairment plays as a risk factor for catastrophic disability. As part of this study, we will also look at the role that inflammatory mediators play in thedevelopment of delirium during hospitalization in older adults.

Other projects include looking at different aspects of the diagnosis and treatment for Alzheimer's disease and related disorders. We are developing a new clinical measurement tool for dementia.Someprojects focus on the efficacy and safety of new treatments for the condition, while other projects assessaspects of treatmentusing currently approved medications for Alzheimer's disease.We are alsolooking at theclinicopathological effects of the presence of TDP-43 in different forms of dementia.