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Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation

Impact on Clinical and Valve-Related Outcomes
John G. Webb*, Lukas Altwegg, Robert H. Boone, Anson Cheung, Jian Ye, Samuel Lichenstein, May Lee, Jean Bernard Masson, Christopher Thompson*, Robert Moss*, Ron Carere*, Brad Munt*, Fabian Nietlispach and Karin Humphries*

Circulation. 2009:119:3009-3016
Circulation published online Jun 1, 2009

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*Member of the Division of Cardiology at St. Paul's Hosptal

Access to Kidney Transplantation Among Remote and Rural-Dwelling Patients With Kidney Failure in the United States

Marcello Tonelli, MD, SM, Scott Klarenbach, MD, MS, Caren Rose, MSc, 
Natasha Wiebe, MMath, *John Gill, MD, MS

JAMA, April 22/29, 2009—Vol 301, No. 16

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*Member of the Division of Nephrology at St. Paul's Hosptal

Intensive versus Conventional Glucose Control in Critical Ill Patients

The NICE_SUGAR Study Investigators*
*Dr. Peter Dodek, Division of Critical Care Medicine at St. Paul's Hospital, is a member of the NICE-SUGAR writing committee.

New England Journal Of Medicine , Vol. 360, No. 13, 1283-1297, March 26, 2009

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Improved Survival in Patients with Myelodysplastic Syndrome Receiving

Iron Chelation Therapy
Heather A. Leitch*, Chantal S. Leger*, Trisha A. Goodman, Karen K. Wong,
Dominic H. C. Wong, Khaled M. Ramadan*, Meaghan D. Rollins,
Michael J. Barnett*, Paul F. Galbraith*, Linda M. Vickars

Clinical Leukemia, Vol. 2, No. 3, 205-211, 2008; DOI: 10.3816/CLK.2008.n.026

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*Members of the Division of Hermatology at St. Paul's Hosptal


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