Rounds Schedule

Monday, October 25 - Friday, October 29, 2021


Monday, October 25                              

0800 hours             Orientation – SPH 1477, Cullen Family Theatre, Level 1, Prov. Bldg

0900 hours             General Surgery Pathology Rounds – Cancelled

1200 hours             Palliative Care Noon Rounds, Topic: Case Discussions in Palliative Care
                               Presenter: Dr.Gil Kimel
                               Hurlburt Auditorium, Level 2, Prov. Bldg
                      Meeting ID: 96730 815143 

1200 hours             UBC Division of Geriatric Medicine Rounds

                               Topic: Dentistry for Frail Older Adults

                               Presenter: Dr. Chris Wyatt

                       | Meeting ID: 99012 948442 


Tuesday, October 26

0800 hours            CMR Morning Report, Cullen Family Theatre, Level 1, Prov. Bldg

0800 hours            Pulmonary X-Ray Rounds - Cancelled

0800-0845 hours   Combined Neurology – Neurology/Neuroradiology Rounds, Radiology Library

1200 hours            Rheumatology Noon Rounds, Topic: “Spondyloarthtopathy”
                              Presenter: Dr. Danya Al-Nujaidi
                              Hurlburt Auditorium, Level 2, Prov Bldg   
                     Meeting ID: 96730 815143 

1500 hours            10C Rounds, 10CD Conf. Room


Wednesday, October 27

0800 hours            Cerner foundations with Derin (Optional), SPH 1500, Level 1, Prov. Bldg                                         

1200 hours            Adult Congenital Heart Rounds, PACH Service, 5CD Conf. Room                  

1200 hours            BCCSU Webinar – What’s New in Addiction Nursing
                              Dr. Bruce Lange – “Nurse OAT Prescribing”
                              Please register here:

1300 hours            Internal Medicine Academic Half Day for UBC Residents, Room 1500, Level 1, Prov. Bldg


Thursday, October 28                            

0715–0800 hours  SPH M&M Rounds, Dr.Cathevine Yang/Supervisor – Dr. Shanta Chakrabarti
                               Zoom Details: Please contact Bonnie Kong for details

0800 hours             Split Teaching
                               MSIs/Jrs: Donning and Doffing/IPAC, Cullen Family Theatre, Level 1, Prov. Bldg
                               SRs: Lipid teaching with Dr. Brunham, SPH 1550, Level 1, Prov. Bldg

0800–0900 hours   UBC Division of Cardiology Distinguished Speaker Grand Rounds
                               Presenter: Jean-Claude Tardif MD, FRCPC, FACC, FCAHS, Director, Research Centre, Montreal
                               Heart Institute and Professor of Medicine at the University of Montreal.
                               Title: Prevention of atherothrombotic events with colchicine

1200 hours             SPH Medicine Grand Rounds: Division of Infectious Diseases
                               Topic: “Skin and Soft Tissue Infections (SSTIs)”
                               Presenter: Dr. Natasha Press
                               Cullen Family Theatre, Level 1, Prov. Bldg
                      Meeting ID: 96730 815143 


Friday, October 29

0800 hours            Split AM teaching
                              Sr Journal Club with Dr. Hatala, SPH 1550, Level 1, Prov. Bldg
                              Jr/MSI teaching with Dr. Yung , SPH 1477, Level 1, Prov. Bldg 

1200 hours            *No Noon Rounds Scheduled                                                                     

1300 hours            Clin. Path Radiology Pulm. Round – Cancelled