Rounds Schedule

Monday, November 9 - Friday, November 13, 2020




Monday, November 16                              

0800 Resident Orientation, Cullen Family Theatre, Level 1, Prov. Bldg

0900 General Surgery Pathology Rounds – Cancelled

1200 General Internal Medicine Noon Rounds: “Pulmonary embolism in pregnant patient”
Dr. Anna Rahmani. Zoom Meeting ID: 628 1876 6686 | Password: **

1200 UBC Division of Geriatric Medicine Rounds: “Alzheimer’s Disease and the Quest for Disease-Modifying Therapies”
Dr. Robynn Lester.  Meeting ID: 94500 444317 | Passcode: **


Tuesday, November 17                              

0800 Medical Biochemical Teaching with Dr. Janet Simons, Cullen Family Theatre, Level 1, Prov. Bldg

0800 Pulmonary X-Ray Rounds - Cancelled

0800-0845 hours Combined Neurology – Neurology/Neuroradiology Rounds, Radiology Library

1200 No Noon Rounds Scheduled

1500 10C Rounds, 10CD Conf. Room


Wednesday, November 18

0800 Cerner Day, SPH 1500 Lecture Theatre, Level 1, Prov. Bldg

1200 Adult Congenital Heart Rounds, PACH Service, 5CD Conf. Room

1300 Internal Medicine Academic Half Day for UBC Residents, Room 1500, Level 1, Prov. Bldg


Thursday, November 19

0730 Medical-Surgical GI Rounds, GI Clinic Conf. Room, Level 2, Prov. Bldg

0800 hours Split Morning Report, SPH 1500 Lecture Theatre, Level 1, Prov. Bldg

0700 Combined Cardiology/Cardiovascular Surgery Rounds
Case Review and Discussion: Presenter Subspecialty – CATH
0800 UBC Division of Cardiology Grand Rounds:*
“Ischemia with No Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease-- A Diagnostic Conundrum”
Dr. Judy Luu.  Zoom Meeting ID: 956 9893 2220

1100-1200 Rheumatology Round: “Case of the Week and Topic Review”

1200 Medicine Grand Rounds: Nephrology
“Implementing Patient Focused Changes to Health Services Delivery.
The BRIDGE to Transplantation Initiative”
Dr. Jagbir Gill, Associate Professor, University of British Columbia
Zoom Meeting ID: 651 2557 0045 | Password: **

1215 Infectious Diseases Round, Conf. Room 7, Level 1, Prov. Bldg

Friday, November 20

0800 Morning Report, Cullen Family Theatre, Level 1, Prov. Bldg

1200 HIV/ID Noon Rounds: “Common Infections Among People Experiencing Homelessness”
Dr. William Connors. Zoom Meeting ID: 657 3887 8064 | Password: **

1300 Clin. Path Radiology Pulm. Round – Cancelled



*"This event is an accredited group learning activity as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada”

** For privacy reasons, the password for Zoom meetings will not be posted on this website, please refer to the weekly rounds email.