Outreach Clinics

The Department of Medicine is a very successful champion of outreach programs in the communities both in Vancouver and some distance away from this city. We have developed into a major driving force in chronic disease management, which will be one of the most active clinical initiatives in years to come.


Allergy and Immunology
General Surrey
General Aboriginal communities of Northern BC
General Prince George
General Sechelt
General Delta

General Whitehorse (12x / year)
General Prince Rupert (12x / year)
General Queen Charlotte Islands  Quarterly

Critical Care Medicine
Obstetrical critically-ill BC Women’s Hospital
Air Transport Medical BC Air Services
Consultation (Phone) Northern BC Centers
BC Bedline Medical BC Coastal Authority
Intensive Care Unit Mount St. Joseph’s

General Kelowna (1 x per month)

General Whitehorse (One wk 3 x/yr)

IBD-Transition Children’s Hospital
Liver Disease Richmond*
Liver Disease Sunshine Coast
Liver Disease Surrey*
IBD Telehealth clinics Throughout Province of B.C.*

* To be established in 2009.

General Internal Medicine
Addiction Medicine NAOMI Clinic Vancouver (2-3 half d/wk)
Rheumatology Prince George  (3x / year)
Rheumatology Nelson / Castelgar Quarterly
General Bella Coola (3x / year)
General Whiterock
General Langley
General Penticton
Consultation Lions Gate Hospital
Eating Disorders Province of B.C. On Call

Geriatric Medicine
General* Dawson Creek / Fort St. John Quarterly
General* Nelson (1x / year)
General Queen Charlotte Islands (1x / year)
General Kitimat Terrace, Burns Lake
General McBride

* Joint Geriatric Medicine and Psychiatry programs.

Infectious Diseases
HIV Clinic Downtown Community Health (½ day / week)
HIV Clinic Vancouver Native Health (½ day bi-weekly)
HIV Clinic Walley, Surrey (1x / month)

Community Dialysis Cambie, North Shore, Richmond
Units Squamish and Powell River
Consultation Richmond
General Newton
Consultation Burnaby
Consultation Lion's Gate Hospital
Consultation North Shore Clinic
General Prince Rupert
General Whitehorse
General Squamish (1x / month)
General Sechelt   (1x / month)

General Gibsons
General Sechelt
Myasthenia Gravis Vancouver
Peripheral Neuropathy Vancouver
General Whitehorse
Neurophysiology Whitehorse
General Terrace
Neurophysiology Terrace
Multiple Sclerosis UBC Hospital Weekly
Multiple Sclerosis Kitimat
Multiple Sclerosis Fort St. John
Multiple Sclerosis Prince George
General Kitimat
General Squamish  Weekly
Neurophysiology Squamish Weekly
Pediatric/Adolescent BC. Children’s Hospital  Weekly
Neurological Diseases in Pregnancy BC Women’s Hospital
Neurophysiology Prince Rupert
General Whitehorse
Neurophysiology Whitehorse
Rapid Access Mount St. Joseph’s Weekly

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
EMG clinic Holy Family Hospital
Physiatry clinic Mount St. Joseph’s
Physiatry clinic Holy Family Hospital
Vietnamese physiatry Mount St. Joseph’s
Physiatry clinic Mount St. Joseph’s
Physiatry clinic Holy Family Hospital
Physiatrist MS Clinic Burnaby Hospital
In-pt Consultation Richmond Hospital
In-pt Consultation Burnaby Hospital
In-pt Consultation Vancouver General Hospital
In-pt Consultation UBC Hospital
Amputee / Prosthetic Abbottsford / Langley
Amputee / Prosthetic Vancouver Community
Consultation – Spasticity
Long-Term Care Facilities

General Gibsons
General Hope
General Lillooet
General Queen Charlotte Islands
General Powell River
General Sechelt
Rapid Access Terrace
Rapid Access Smithers
Rapid Access Northern Communities

General Prince George Quarterly
Immunosuppressive Mary Pack Arthritis Program
General Lillooet Quarterly
Immunosuppressive Mary Pack Arthritis Program
General – Rapid Access Richmond Hospital