The Division of Cardiology at St. Paul's Hospital, within the Heart Center organization, constitutes the majority of the faculty for British Columbia's premier tertiary and only quaternary cardiac program.  The resulting operational complexities have led to the development of an organizational matrix that includes both Divisional and Departmental structures as well as operationally based cardiac sciences program structures combining Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery.

Contact Information
The Division of Cardiology
8B Ward, Room 8446  - 1081 Burrard Street
Vancouver, B.C., V6Z 1Y6
Telephone: 604-682-2344 ext. 63599
Fax: 604-806-8722

Dr. Sean Virani, Division Head & Clinical Associate Professor


Dr. Andrew Krahn, Professor, the Sauder Family and Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon Chair in Cardiology (UBC); the Paul Brunes    UBC Professorship in Heart Rhythm Disorders 
Dr. G B John Mancini, Professor
Dr. Jeff Reading, Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University; First Nations Health Authority Chair is Heart Health and Wellness at St. Paul's Hospital
Dr. Teresa Tsang, Professor 
Dr. John Webb, Professor, McLeod Family Professor in Valvular Heart Disease Intervention

Dr. Ron Carere, Clinical Professor
Dr. Anthony Fung, Clinical Professor 
Dr. Andy Ignaszewski, Clinical Professor, Physician-in-Chief - Department of Medicine
Dr. Marla Kiess, Clinical Professor
Dr. Jacqueline Saw, Clinical Professor
Dr. Graham Wong, Clinical Professor
Dr. John Yeung-Lai-Wah, Clinical Professor

Dr. Jason Andrade, Clinical Associate Professor 
Dr. Matthew Bennett, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Santabhanu (Shanta) Chakrabarti, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Marc Deyell, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Karin Humphries, Associate Professor, UBC-PHC, Heart and Stroke Foundation Professorship in Women’s Cardiovascular Health
Dr. Anna Lehman, Associate Professor, Medical Genetics
Dr. Jonathan Leipsic, Associate Professor, Radiology
Dr. Sanatani Shuhayan, Associate Professor, Pediatrics
Dr. Eve Aymong, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Sammy Chan, Clinical Associate Professor 
Dr. Jasmine Grewal, Clinical Associate Professor 
Dr. Brett Heilbron, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Darra Murphy, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Krishnan Ramanathan, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Tara Sedlak, Clinical Associate Professor 
Dr. Jonathan Tang, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Carolyn Taylor, Clinical Associate Professor 
Dr. Chris Thompson, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Mustafa Toma, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Sean Virani, Clinical Associate Professor and Head
Dr. David Wood, Clinical Associate Professor 

Dr. Amir Ahmadi, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Amanda Barlow, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Robert Boone, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Nathan Brunner, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Rudy Chow, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Simone Cowan, Clinical Assistant Professor 
Dr. Margot Davis, Clinical Assistant Professor 
Dr. Christopher Fordyce, Clinical Assistant Professor 
Dr. Nathaniel Hawkins, Clinical Assistant Professor, the UBC Dr. Charles Kerr Distinguished Scholar honorific in Heart Rhythm Management 
Dr. Kendeep Kaila, Clinical Assistant Professor 
Dr. Zachary Laksman, Clinical Assistant Professor, the UBC Dr. Charles Kerr Distinguished Scholar 
Dr. Benny Lau, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Michael Luong, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. James McKinney, Clinical Assistant Professor 
Dr. Robert Moss, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Kevin Ong, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Mounir Riahi, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Michael Seidman, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology
Dr. Michael Tsang, Clinical Assistant Professor 
Dr. Kei Kwong (Stanley) Tung, Clinical  Assistant Professor 

Dr. Annie Chou, Clinical Instructor
Dr. Bradley Munt, Clinical Instructor
Dr. Tony Verma, Clinical Instructor

Dr. Scott Lear, Adjunct Professor, Pfizer/Heart and Stroke Foundation Chair in CVD Prevention Research

Dr. John Boone, Clinical Professor (Emeritus)
Dr. Arthur Dodek, Clinical Professor (Emeritus)
Dr. Jiri Frohlich, Professor (Emeritus)
Dr. Doris Kavanagh-Gray, Clinical Professor (Emeritus)
Dr. Ian Macdonald, Clinical Associate Professor (Emeritus)
Dr. Dwight Peretz, Clinical Professor (Emeritus)

Sub-specialty programs and related streams of professional activity include: 

• Consultative Clinical Cardiology (inpatient and outpatient) 
• Cardiac Risk Assessment and Atherosclerosis Regression 
• Cardiac Electrodiagnostics 
• Acute Coronary Care 
• Interventional Cardiology & Cardiac Catheterization 
• Cardiac Ultrasound 
• Heart Function 
• Cardiac Transplantation 
• Adult Congenital Heart Disease 
• Electrophysiology and Pacing 
• Cardiac Rehabilitation 

Clinical trials and health outcomes research remain central to the Division's research mission. Robust programs in undergraduate and post-graduate teaching, a dynamic Royal College Cardiology Residency program, and a variety of highly regarded sub-specialty fellowship programs are supported. 

For more information on Cardiology, please explore these useful websites: 

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