Addiction Medicine

The Interdepartmental Division of Addiction Medicine consists of sixteen members who are actively involved in providing patient care services at St. Paul's Hospital.

Contact Information
Interdepartmental Division of Addiction Medicine
548 - 1081 Burrard Street
Vancouver, B.C., V6Z 1Y6
Telephone: 604-682-2344 X62676

Interim - Dr. Nadia Fairbairn, Assistant Professor      

Dr. Thomas Kerr, Professor   
Dr. Evan Wood, Professor      
Dr. Jade Boyd, Assistant Professor              
Dr. Nadia Fairbairn, Assistant Professor            
Dr. Danya Fast, Assistant Professor    
Dr. Rodney Knight, Assistant Professor    
Dr. Michael-John Milloy, Assistant Professor
Dr. Seonaid Nolan, Assistant Professor  
Dr. Maria  Socias, Assistant Professor   
Dr. Lianping Ti, Assistant Professor 
Dr. Geoffrey Walton, Clinical Instructor    
Dr. Sarah Ickowicz      
Dr. Parabhdeep Lail         
Dr. Julia MacIsaac,         
Dr. Samantha Young