The PHC Department of Medicine has outstanding academic and clinical staff, bringing a range of clinical, research, teaching, and administrative skills. The Administration is proud to serve our faculty, staff, and trainees.

Contact Information
The Department of Medicine
St. Paul's Hospital
548 - 1081 Burrard Street
Vancouver, B.C., V6Z 1Y6
Telephone: 604-806-8495
Fax: 604-806-8870

Dr. Anita Palepu

Dr. Andy Ignaszewski

Associate Head
Dr. Nora Cummins, Associate Head, Department of Medicine
Mount Saint Joseph Hospital

Department of Medicine Executive Committee
Dr. Seonaid Nolan, Division Head, Addiction Medicine (interdepartmental)
Dr. Julio Montaner, Division Head, AIDS
   Physician Program Director, HIV/AIDS
Dr. Amin Kanani, Division Head, Allergy and Immunology
Dr. Sean Virani, Division Head, Cardiology
   Physician Program Director, Heart Centre
Dr. Demetrios Sirounis, Division Head, Critical Care Medicine
    Physician Program Director, ICU
Dr. Barry Kassen, Division Head, Community Internal Medicine, UBC
Dr. Marisa Ponzo, Division Head, Dermatology
Dr. Marshall Dahl, Division Head, Endocrinology
Dr. Rob Enns, Division Head, Gastroenterology
Dr. Jane McKay, Division Head, General Internal Medicine
   Physician Program Director, Medicine
Dr. Martha Spencer, Division Head Geriatric Medicine
Dr. Andrew Ignaszewski, Interim Division Head, Hematology
Dr. Valentina Montessori Division Head, Infectious Diseases
Dr. Monica Beaulieu, Division Head, Nephrology
   Physician Program Director, Renal
Dr. Alister Prout, Division Head, Neurology
Dr. Gil Kimel, Division Head, Palliative Care (interdepartmental)
Dr. Evan Kwong, Division Head, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
   Physician Program director, Acute & Rehabilitation
Dr. Chris Ryerson, Division Head, Respiratory Medicine
   Physician Program Director, Lung
Dr. Kam Shojania, Division Head, Rheumatology
Dr. Keith Walley, Assistant Head, Research
Dr. Janet Kow, Senior Medical Director Acute Care

Administration Office
Maryana Tondo Fim, Administrative Coordinator
Vacant, Administrative Assistant to Head, Department of Medicine
Stephanie Horak, Administrative Assistant, Department of Medicine
and Divisions of Addiction Medicine, Dermatology and Palliative Care
Vacant, Senior Program Assistant, Undergraduate Medical Education, UBC
Sabina Fitzsimmons, Senior Program Assistant, Undergraduate Medical Education, UBC
Andrea Toker, Program Coordinator, GIM and Core PGY4 Residents, UBC Department of Medicine